Operational Excellence

Two Steps Ahead of the Competition

Operational Excellence in a Nutshell

One of the most important things that stand out is that systems (that is, processes, people or IT systems) resemble people already in the organisation. Operational excellence is a lot more than process mapping and dashboards. On the other hand, organisations that exhibit operational excellence inherently, do not have to have an army of Six Sigma certified people or various formal certifications of maturity levels. Go2Cab evidence based decision making framework will enable you to achieve and sustain operational excellence very quickly at a relatively low cost. In a nutshell, to achieve operational excellence, you must tightly couple business objectives, business blueprint, self-enforced processe mapping and business analytics.

“Models” and “Process” are two words that exceptionally stand-out when people express their OPINIONS. Start observing how many times people around you use words and phrases such as “… we need alignment between our models, process and our vision…”, “establish a single source of truth”, “… our business model is very different…”, “… need a top-down and bottom-up approach with traceability… marry business model and processes”, “we have to be tactical… while we look at the strategic level… it is about people, process and technology”, “we need to bring a big firm to do health-check on our operating model and processes”, “… we need a high-level road-map… establish a Steer-Co and  a few workgroups!”, “… the process is broken…”, “we have to streamline our processes…” and more…

Ahead of the Curve | Go2Cab

Optimise Operations

Like the other Go2Cab SERVICES, we will tailor our EVIDENCE-based (not OPINION-based) approach and engineer your processes to fit your needs and, very quickly, empower you to answer FOUR important questions:

1. How well your process mapping is working in terms of meeting (or otherwise) your targets,

2. Which process mapping need cleansing and verification against the delivery of OPTIMAL OUTCOMES with highest ROI before “streamlining” such processes,

3. How consistent is your operation in terms of the departure from your targets? It is often tolerable that you do not meet one or more target. The consistency is about engineering your processes to CONSISTENTLY stay within prescribed tolerances; and

4. How well the Customer’s Voice is coupled with [or integrated into] your processes (ie the Voice of the Process).

Another interesting commonly used slogan is the “framework”. In most cases, the so called “FRAMEWORKS” previously delivered to you are perhaps no more than numerous slide decks, Word and Excel documents with lots of flowcharts. Once you digest all artefacts, there is little that you can confidently “ACTION” into your OPERATION and make a tangible impact on the DYNAMISM of what you do day in day out. When changes are made, it would typically take a long time before one can verify whether the “change” or the “decision” was the “right” thing to do!