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The Crucial First Step

The crucial first step in business analytics within the evidence based decision making is to avoid the simplistic analysis often labelled as “analytics” manifested as “Reporting” as a simple indicator, a tally or average of numbers or a percent of something over time.  Even if you use some of the business intelligence tools, we bet that there is little or no “analysis” or “analytics”. In most case, such reports are no more than visualisation of raw data as bar or line charts, tables and percentages. Such analysis is often misleading, it does not provide any meaningful insight into business operational issues and, it may misdirect the business transformation effort.

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Actionable Analytics

Advanced Analytics delivered by Go2Cab are Actionable where we will help you better analyse your data and identify which FACTOR is most INFLUENCING your intended outcomes and, under what conditions. In this way, your decisions are EVIDENCE BASED rather than OPINION DRIVEN taking into consideration the business operational dynamics. If one examines the classical approach to reporting and “dashboards”, the outcome is misleading where even when using the “so called” sophisticated analysis, it is often too late when you notice something is not right. If you are lucky and have linked the outcomes of such analysis to one or more FACTORS that may INFLUENCE the desired outcome, chances are, you are pointing to the wrong FACTORS since you have mainly relied on simplistic reports and OPINIONS to drive your decisions.

Go2Cab will uniquely translate your business strategy into operational actions and embed effective data analytics and intelligence into business process mapping and operations enabling you to make decisions with immediate impact.

Imagine you CONSISTENTLY deliver a Level Of Service (LOS) that is improved from 30-minute downtime per week to 2-second downtime per week. Or, you are able to run business operations with no more than two wrong transactions in 25 years instead of running the same operation with 54000 wrong transactions per year!

Business Analytics Go2Cab Offerings

Ahead of the CurveGo2Cab can help you make sense of your data to ensure that the outcome is actionable intelligently. We do offer analytics in SEVEN significant areas applicable to various industries such as Cloud, Transport, Portfolio and Project Management, Software Engineering, Digital Transformation, Mining, Food, Safety, Health, Education and Defence- to name a few. Go2Cab can help you pragmatically instil the fit-for-purpose business analytics into your operational environment to ensure that the outcome of the business analytics has an immediate impact on the desired business transformation in a manner that is, at all times, Accurate, Relevant and Timely at the lowest possible cost.

Please feel free to drop us a line. Put us to the test and see how we measure up.

Type of Business Analytics

Numerical Analytics is when your data is numbers like time to complete a task, your weight loss per day, tonnes of freight or material hauled from origin to destination, time to clear an incident or close a ticket in a call centre environment, journey travel time and so on.

Categorical Analytics is when your data is judgmental or opinion based like data collected via surveys where you answer questions with a selection from “Excellent” to “Very Poor” or from “Very High” to “Very Low”. Another form of answers is a selection of a colour. For example, “Red” may represent very “High Risk” or “Very Dangerous” and “Green” may represent “Very Low Risk” or “Very Safe” where other colours like “Yellow” and “Orange” are in between the “Red” and “Green”. Categorical data is frequently used in surveys whether in food, health or any service provided by an organisation where the organisation seeks feedback from the Customer.

Text Analytics is when your data represent textual reports, feedback, review of reports or responses on project proposals. Another form of text analytics applies to feedback or comments made by people via social media like Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook. Go2Cab will help you analyse the text from hundreds of professionally accessed feed in a short time so that you get the insight and then make timely decisions on the next action.

Go2Cab undertakes Video and Audio Analytics for any purpose whether analysis of media clips posted on social media channels like Youtube or, the analysis required for footage from a surveillance video or audio feed in industries like surveillance, safety, security or any operational environment where timely, relevant and accurate preventative measures are required.

As you may already know, methods used to analyse each type of analytics listed above are different. There are specific algorithms that best fit the data and the intended purpose and use of the outcome. Go2Cab can analyse situations where your data is a mix of the categories listed above to ensure that the result of the analysis is actionable pragmatically.

In most cases, the knowledge about something inadvertently went “wrong” is tolerable. However, to achieve a continual sustainable operational excellence, undertaking predictive analytics is a “MUST HAVE”. The challenge is to make decisions on timing of the analytics, the vital-few data, the type of analytics and the actions required to ensure operational preventative measures. Go2Cab uses best industry practices to ensure that the outcome of the analysis is, at all times, accurate, relevant and timely before the “wrong” takes place.

Go2Cab can help you to timely analyse complex situational awareness where multiple factors are concurrently chaining in time and, you want to predict the next best [ie, optimal] actions. Go2Cab can undertake the analysis of the complicated situations in near real-time including factors like the behaviour of people. Such circumstances exist in every day’s environment. For example, to achieve the optimal traffic diversions in transport, it is essential to predict and influence the behaviour of the traveller. Similar situations exist in planning for events like sports, exhibitions, visits of dignitary, security and surveillance. The prediction of the most probable activity is critical to ensuring the optimal allocation, resources planning and execution and, the safety of all people involved where decisions may have to change dynamically depending on real-time information and data feed.