Evidence Based Decision Making

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Go2Cab evidence based decision making will ensure business transformation with operational excellence and advanced business analytics leading to actionable strategies. Go2Cab will help you gain business and consumer insights to proactively meet Customer needs in a manner that is accurate, relevant and timely.

Business Transformation

Go2Cab evidence based decision making will help you gain business insight using advanced predictive analytics. The outcome will ensure operational excellence via actionable (not paper) strategies to cater for changing Customer demands and timely trigger adjustments proactively.

Business Architecture Models

Go2Cab evidence based decision making drives the business architecture. Business architecture covers the conceptual, logical and physical layers aligned with business operational excellence, Go2Cab evidence based decision making engineers processes embedded with advanced analytics.

Operational Excellence

Driven by metricised Customer needs, Go2Cab evidence based decision making directly links the operational objectives to the day to day operational activities. Go2Cab will ensure operational excellence with a set of actions in a manner that is, at all times, accurate, timely and relevant.

Segmentation & Profiling

Go2Cab evidence based decision making will help you identify the audience beyond simplistic classifications. We purposely design experiments to identify the actions required in the short and long-term addressing the dynamics associated with the behaviour of the Customer over time.

Predictive Business Analytics

Go2Cab evidence based decision making is your compass to ask the right questions, identify the vital-few data and analyse to ensure that the outcome puts you well ahead of the competition. There is little or no value in knowing something went wrong. You should proactively prevent rather than reactively fix.

Optimal Business Performance

Go2Cab evidence based decision making will monitor business operational excellence. Given the uncertainty in data, Go2Cab advanced business analytics will predict with reasonable accuracy the conditions to ensure the optimal outcome that is, at all times, accurate, relevant and timely.

Go2Cab Helps You Avoid Business Blind Spots

We share the risk and ensure operational excellence with little or no pain

Fasle-Start Reform & Transformation

Reform and digital business transformation easily justify large expenditure. Majority of organisations are digitising “stuff”. Little or no effort is devoted to engineering the transformation where measurable objectives, capabilities and services truly reflect the organisation’s needs. The organisation is inadvertently misdirected to premature automation, outsourcing, the acquisition of new tools and, commencing the effort to streamline “whatever” leading to little or no impact on operational efficiencies.

Evidence Based Business Transformation | Go2Cab
Evidence Based Decision Making | Architecture Model

Paper-Strategies & Architecture Models

People often talk about Target Operating and Architectural Models but ignore operational excellence and business dynamics. Like a building, its architecture must fit the occupants’ usage or, it will operationally collapse. If business dynamics is not coupled with process improvement, the “right” analytics, a fit-4-purpose architecture, strategies and models remain non-actionable leading to inefficient decision making.

Opinion-Driven Decision-Making

Many organisations start with “as is” then progress through “to be” and “gap analysis” where the questions are so generic, they apply to almost any domain. Important questions are often forgotten. Answers represent the legacy operational situation including dysfunctional elements. In most cases, there  is little or no common reference to basic definitions, measurable objectives or criteria for alternate best practices. The typical outcome leads to numerous workflows, inches-thick narratives often based on hundreds of posted notes and surveys with “faked” answers. You will inadvertently land on the wrong track wasting more $s than you think.

Evidence Based Decision Making | Operational Dynamics
Simple Analysis | Go2Cab

Simplistic Analysis

You may have noticed that in many cases, the outcome of analysis [or “analytics”] presented to you is inadequate, inaccurate, irrelevant, untimely and, is grossly non-actionable. Heavy reliance on simplistic bar charts, averages and percentage will mislead and inadvertently blindfolds you. Typically, there isn’t enough confidence for you to take actions that will DIRECTLY impact the business goals and guarantee the realisation of the projected benefits.

Go2Cab... your Trusted Business Partner

Go2Cab will get it right-first-time via Evidence-Based Decision Making

Predict Business Cycle

Go2Cab avoids wasting Client’s time during business transformation. We do not tell what you already know. Instead, we share with you the risk and ensure that we achieve the desired operational excellence with little or no pain. Go2Cab, using evidence based decision making framework, will get it right-first-time through a journey that involves selected activities tailored to your needs. Such activities include the construction of actionable business strategy, implementable business transformation, market analytics, business insight, continuous improvement, Consumer-centric market segmentation, process engineering, the creation of a business environment with the vital-few analytics which ensures achieving operational excellence with minimum cost and time.